Foundry lifted and pulled by tidal forces of semiconductors on both sides

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Great lift the entire global semiconductor industry and tide, Qualcomm (Qualcomm) plans to spin-off, Howe (Omnivision) was bought land owned, Marvell, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is also awarded exclusively continent, more open to the acquisition of ASE SPIL, now pass GlobalFoundries also phase out the Continental Fund, and the influx of an official blows the entire foundry industry.

But outgoing GlobalFoundries annual loss amount of more than NT $ 100 billion yuan, exit barriers and costs definitely not low, whether the bureau will not only affect the global foundry territory, forces of growth and decline even more at stake on both sides of the semiconductor.

In late 2015, TSMC accelerate the layout in the mainland market, the establishment of 12-inch wafer fab with open landing owned, TSMC also added pieces to apply Express mainland to establish 12-inch wafer fab, settled place name Shanghai and Nanjing.

For TSMC has always been extremely cautious, it is indeed full speed play this landing card, SMIC quickly enter the 28-nanometer process, and the biggest rival Intel (Intel), Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) have landed layout, let TSMC very impatient.

Spread the global foundry market share ranking, with 52% market share, TSMC sit tight leader, compared with 47 percent the previous year and then jump further, with market share of 9.9% UMC brother back position, GlobalFoundries annual revenue recession, thus returning the third brother, a market share of 9.4 percent, Samsung ranked fourth in market share of 5.1%, with market share of 4.2% of SMIC ranked fifth.

In foundries, TSMC's strength is indeed difficult to shake. However, the environment changes too fast, the whole tide occurrence and frequency of high, almost every week a semiconductor company will be integrated destroyed.

Before the company will sell a loss, and now many of the whole company is very profitable and very large scale, even turning hostile mergers ASE SPIL such treacherous multiport cases, even the communications industry's first high-pass are planning to split, worrying prospects for the industry to the dramatic changes in the turning point.

Another trend is the fast rise of the mainland semiconductor forces, smashing all the industrial areas of money over the semiconductor plant, there are many international companies such as Howe, ChipPAC, etc., in the eyes of prey also includes Marvell, AMD, Micron (Micron), etc. Now more outgoing big funds GlobalFoundries interested.

Outgoing Abu Dhabi Fund intends ton output capacity, largely immune to see the next few years GlobalFoundries to loss of a chance to win, coupled with Intel, Samsung entered the foundry, the mainland semiconductor plant also re-charge of the investment, the future of grain Round foundry industry highly competitive, customer loyalty and reduce high concentration but, understandably thinking about quitting GlobalFoundries shareholder of the reason.

GlobalFoundries AMD originally semiconductor chip manufacturing sector, independent division in 2008, the parent company of AMD and Dubai New Technology Investment Company (ATIC), 2011 年 ATIC bought the hands of all the holdings AMD, GlobalFoundries as an independent crystal round foundries.

GlobalFoundries inception of ambition is very strong, to promote the advantages of the production facilities throughout the world, including Germany, the United States and Singapore, also immediately announced acquisition of Chartered Semiconductor in 2010, 2014, IBM announced to take over the chip business.

A few days ago came the big fund industry in mainland fancy GlobalFoundries, mainly hoping to get authorization 14 nm FinFET manufacturing process, depending on when the original Samsung licensed to GlobalFoundries technology, expanding technical conditions are attributable to equity swaps under the like.

Semiconductor industry analysis, foundries assets are technology and production capacity, investment is very large, annual capital expenditures are one hundred billion yuan of mine, which means exit threshold is very high, if the mainland only GlobalFoundries Singapore plant are interested, follow New York German factory how to deal with too much outside attention.

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